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  1. Open chat room Lat5 Is the reason for not having an open chat room that there will be too […]
  2. Glitches Clarkey Thanks for the report. Premoves appear to be one of the final things t […]
  3. not end games Clarkey We're aware of it. A fix will be out later today.
  4. Glitches goldilocks There are also some strange premove issues - not sure if just 3d sets. […]
  5. not end games Michael134096 many games are'nt ending - need re […]
  6. 3d chess set feedback Clarkey The 1st rank of squares is longer because that's the front edge of the […]
  7. 3d chess set feedback rzenaikrzys Very nice new boards,Animation works so much better on mobile, good j […]
  8. 3d chess set feedback goldilocks BTW - maybe by design - but the 1st rank squares are bigger than other […]
  9. 3d chess set feedback goldilocks Yup, agree - it is nice - I am getting used to it. One of the best 3d […]
  10. 3d chess set feedback Clarkey Yes, depth perception would be nice, but sadly it is well beyond the s […]
  11. Glitches goldilocks Games are not ending correctly. I timed out here […]
  12. 3d chess set feedback goldilocks Cool, size options would be nice. Couple other (minor) things: De […]
  13. 3d chess set feedback Clarkey Okay, I've designed a set of pieces that are smaller, based off the fi […]
  14. Bug report! Clarkey Urggh... That's annoying. Thanks for the report.
  15. Bug report! Haru_Dragojimaji I am sure that was not connection problems, he closed the window and d […]
  16. Watch... SargentSignals I turned Watch Off, and I still have 2 peeps watching...
  17. Bug report! Clarkey It's hard to discern if this is a bug. The feature should still exist, […]
  18. Bug report! Haru_Dragojimaji Hello Lichess team! Something bad happened in some matches here on […]
  19. New material difference feature Haru_Dragojimaji I also prefer the old highlights and also the old noise when the piece […]
  20. New material difference feature Clarkey Pretty sure an option for the highlight style is coming along, but it' […]
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